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The only digital partner that can help any e-commerce to reach the entire EU market at adaptable costs. Our DNA is to work hand in hand with the company and build a long term relationship.

Offre Powerlab 2021


Kymono, a startup based in Paris that wants to provide customized outfits through its website. They are barely starting to process their digital activity. Their knowledge on e-commerce is limited. They need a quick response to provide their products on a national scale.

Powerlab solution
We offer them a solution that includes the management of their logistics, after-sales service. All aspects of IT and the e-commerce part.
As Kymono want to focus on the national market. We offer them all their services in French. The website will not be multilingual.
We take care of everything, putting our knowledge and skills in e-commerce at their service.


Dealrags, an e-commerce SME specialized in wholesale wants to develop its activity to the next level. With a custom-made solution that will improve its selling rate in France and Benelux.

Powerlab solution
We offer them a B2B service-oriented solution, as Dealrags is specialized in wholesale.
We manage logistics, after-sales service, IT and e-commerce for them. This last part includes: a presence on the marketplaces, an efficient product catalogue. As well as marketing (newsletter, SMS, Social networks).
Dealrags is now ready to see its sales rate increase


Coty, a Big company specialized in cosmetics wants to add the latest digital strategies to its website at fair price. They also have the ambition to extend its activity by reaching new markets in the EU.

Powerlab solution
Coty is a large company and already masters the logistics and after-sales service part. We propose them to delegate the IT and e-commerce part. We offer them our know-how and our knowledge of the European market. By providing them with a website in 15 languages.
Coty can concentrate on its core business while we develop its image throughout Europe.

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